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Often we are asked to provide photos and examples of projects that we have completed that are similar to the project that our customers are working on. Sometimes this is easy and other times not so easy.  

It is now possible to be able to find the photo that you are after yourself, with our new searchable photo gallery. This allows you to filter our photo gallery by a number of standard options, such as state, application and product type, to get example photos that match your criteria. We have also allowed for word searches for other items that do no necessarily match the standard search options e.g. signage or pressurisation.

If you are looking for projects completed by your company, search the company name on the Filter by Keyword tab. We have included the builder, architect and fire engineer for each photo.

More than 200 photos have been loaded in to the gallery, with more photos being loaded as projects are completed.

I hope that you find this a useful tool. We can not load all photo examples into this gallery so if you do not find what you are looking for please contact your local Business Development Manager.

Case Studies
Case Study

VII®FIRE FIRE & SMOKE PROTECTION FOR LIFTS Project:  The Village Balgowlah, NSW Architect:  Allen Jack + Cottier Fire Engineer:  Defire Developer:  ABI Group Application:  Lift …

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