Project:  The Village Balgowlah, NSW
Architect:  Allen Jack + Cottier
Fire Engineer:  Defire
Developer:  ABI Group
Application:  Lift Shaft
Completion:  July 2009

Technical Problem
This complex building incorporates both commercial and residential developments. These buildings are serviced by lifts arriving to a common basement car park area.

The designer considered the effects of smoke seepage throughout the buildings via the lift shaft as the lift opening provides inadequate smoke separation due to the necessary operational gaps around the doors.

The ideal solution is to provide a tested system adjacent to the lift opening proven to minimise the passage of smoke.

Coopers Fire Vii®Fire S active fire curtain barrier is proven to minimise the spread of smoke when tested to AS 1530.7:(2007. Installed across 9 lifts openings over 3 basement levels and thereby greatly minimising smoke spread from the basement car parks into the shaft to the upper building levels where occupants would potentially be unaware of a fire many levels below them.

Given the lift doors provide a high level of fire-resistance the 2 hour rating of the Vii®Fire S system provides an even greater level of redundancy over commonly used smoke only film type systems which would not provide tenable conditions to occupants if the lift terminated onto a fully developed fire floor as the smoke film has no fire-resistance of reaction to fire properties.

Fire brigade intervention emergency retract buttons were provided either side of the opening which will temporarily raise the system to allow safe and controlled evacuation from within the lift.


  • Easily integrated with the design of the lift opening
  • Fire brigade intervention emergency retract buttons
  • Easy integration to upgrade exiting lift openings that do not have adequate smoke leakage provision or rated doors
  • Cost effective solution
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