Project:  Oil Search Fit Out, NSW
Architect: Kann Finch
Fire Engineer:  ARUP
Developer:  FDC Construction & Fitout
Application:  Inter-tenancy Stair
Completion:  December 2012

Technical Problem
Many office fit outs are incorporating inter-tenancy stairs to benefit from better workflow, communication, to maximise rental / useable area and to achieve higher green star ratings. If the inter-tenancy stair exceeds two floors, fire and smoke management of the opening between the floors is required to comply with Building Code requirements.

The Oil Search fit out, in the prestigious and award winning 6 Star Green Star building of 1 Bligh Street adds another dimension to this development featuring a unique spiral stair case in a round inter-tenancy opening from levels 22 – 24.

The initial solution compartmentalised the stairs on level 24 on fire alarm activation by incorporating full height curved glazing complete with a wall drenching system. This system could not be used at the opening to the spiral staircase therefore a standard Coopers FireMaster® vertical fire curtain with side guides concealed in a custom curved feature was designed as a solution. Coopers Fire realised that whilst this solution would enable the spiral staircase feature it would not compliment this feature or provide maximisation of space and workflow.

Coopers therefore proposed their revolutionary FireMaster® Concertina™ in a first ever 18 sided polygon arrangement to remove the need for all side guides and columns to provide the full -/120/- fire rating. The end product provides a uniform look, across all 3 levels with their patented round ceiling interface fire curtain, mirroring the spiral staircase opening

Additionally Coopers vertical obstruction sensing system was incorporated to provide an automated system to monitor obstructions. The obstruction system and fire curtain product do not require side guides!


  • Only one product and one system is required to achieve the required fire and smoke rating
  • No side guides are required
  • A curved ceiling interface panel fits in with the look and feel of the building and the fitout
  • No compromise on the fire or smoke performance
  • Works correctly with the zone smoke control system
Case Studies
Case Study

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