Project:  NewActon Nishi, ACT
Architect:  Fender Katsalidis
Fire Engineer:  ARUP
Developer:  PLY Group
Application:  Atria
Completion:  November 2012

Technical Problem
Natural light, ease of people movement, increased workflow and communication which reduced building materials are a few of the key benefits that atria add to a development. A prestigious, environmentally friendly development such as NewActon Nishi was sure to include 2 atriums in their 10 storey commercial development.

This brings with it the challenge of managing both fire and smoke spread between floors.

With the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency the anchor tenant for this development, achieving an environmentally friendly fire protection plan was a priority for the client.

Coopers Fire worked closely with PLY Group to deliver 10 FireMaster® NVS™ horizontal and 3 FireMaster® vertical active fire curtain barriers ensuring at all times to comply with the strict Green Star and NABERS requirements. The low power consumption of Coopers 24Vdc drive motors with gravity fail-safe operation provides low running costs and helped this development achieve the 6 Star Green Star and 5 Star NABERS ratings.

Specific life safety features were incorporated in to the fire engineered solution for the fire curtain barriers. The most important of which was to close the openings within 45 seconds of alarm activation. As a non-standard requirement the engineers as Coopers Fire relished the challenge and created a bespoke closing mechanism that was able to close an 8m draw on the horizontal fire curtain barrier within these constraints. The designed was simulated, prototyped and then built and successfully cycle tested within 2 weeks, the deadline for the project.


  • Cost effective way of compartmenting atria
  • Reduced building materials and low power consumption controls are ideal for Green Star building designs
  • Concealed during normal building use
  • Automatically closes and provides 2 hour fire protection in a fire event
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