Project:  MYER HQ, VIC
Architect:  Bligh Voller Nield
Fire Engineer:  CSIRO
Developer:  Bovis Lend Lease
Application:  Inter-tenancy Stair
Completion:  February 2010

Technical Problem
A stair from levels 2 to 9 of the MYER HQ building at 800 Collins Street Docklands has been incorporated to increase light into the building and the allow staff easier movement between floors. On levels 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 meeting rooms overlook the stair / atrium, breaking up the standard rectangular void and adding additional design requirements.

As the building design required zoned smoke control and the building code allows no more than 2 interconnected floors, the stair/atrium must be compartmented in fire mode.

Coopers FireMaster® vertical fire curtains were used to fire separate every floor from level 2 to 9 providing an FRL of -/120/-. This consisted of both single roller and multiple roller solutions.

The two main issues were to ensure that the zone pressurisation system could achieve the required minimum 20 Pa pressure differential and to allow safe egress from the inter-tenancy stair to the fire stair.

To safely evacuate occupants from the stair the fire curtain across the front of the stair incorporated Coopers dual drop function. This allows for this fire curtain to deploy to 2m above floor and hold its position until either a local heat detector is activated or 10 minutes time duration expires. Ten minutes was chosen as that is the expected evacuation time for the building. All other curtains close to the floor on general fire alarm activation.

Coopers FireMaster® fire curtains were proven to operate correctly with the zone pressurisation system and reliability of the system was increased by delaying the start-up of the zone pressurisation system by 60 seconds.


  • Safe egress from the stair achieved by dual drop function
  • Clear open areas around the stair increase natural light and air flow
  • Small compact headbox and guides incorporated easily into the building design
  • Works correctly with the buildings zone smoke control system
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